VSP® Virtual Surgical Planning

Utilizing VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) technology provides our team with a clear three-dimensional understanding of our patient’s anatomy to develop a strategy prior to entering the operating room. In addition, patient-specific sterilizable surgical guides, models, and instruments are produced for use during surgery. Not only does VSP reduce the time that a patient spends under anesthesia, but it also improves surgical outcomes.

How does VSP work?

Beginning with a patient’s CT scan, a team of biomedical engineers take the data and brings it into a three-dimensional environment. Next, your surgeon and a biomedical engineer participate in a web meeting where they review the data in a 3D environment and determine the surgical plan. Based on the web meeting, patient-specific guides are designed, manufactured, and sent for sterilization and use during surgery. To learn more about VSP please visit: www.3dsystems.com/healthcare.

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