Digital Impressions

Traditionally when dental professionals needed to reproduce the structures of the oral cavity, it required a dental impression using impression material placed inside the mouth. A stone material was then poured into the impression material to produce a stone copy of the oral tissues. This has worked well but does take time and the impression-taking procedure can be uncomfortable for certain individuals.

We now have the ability to digitally image the structures of the oral cavity, instantly transferring this information into a digital format to be used for multiple applications. This is accomplished using a small wand that goes into the mouth essentially photographing the structures of the oral cavity. This information is instantly transferred in digital form. This can be transferred to a lab where the restorative Oral Maxillo Specialist can custom design the needed Maxillofacial prosthesis or 3D printers to produce accurate models of the dental structures.

3M True Definition digital impressions are generated by 3D-in-motion video technology, which features extraordinary detail with industry-leading accuracy — providing more control and consistency than traditional impressions. The fully digital process can lead to shorter appointments, fewer visits, and a faster turnaround so you can begin your dental treatment sooner.

True Accuracy. True Precision. True Definition.

  • Small, easy to maneuver hand piece makes scanning more comfortable and faster.
  • You no longer have to endure the discomfort, mess, and remakes associated with traditional impressions.
  • 3D scans can be reviewed in real time to help you understand your treatment needs.
  • Scans can be used for treatments such as crown and bridge, inlays and onlays, veneers, partials, and implants.
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