PRF Enhanced Healing

We want you to feel at ease after your surgical dental procedures, whether you are undergoing soft tissue grafting, apicoectomy, dental implants, extractions, or any other surgical dental treatment. That’s why we utilize PRF and PRP to speed up your wound healing process.

PRF stands for platelet-rich fibrin, and it’s a substance found in your blood that helps with the body's regenerative process. We extract a little bit of blood, separate out the PRF using a centrifuge, and apply it to your surgical area to accelerate and regenerate the healing process.

Why do we use PRF?

  • Faster healing: your surgical site will heal much more quickly, so you’ll be back to all the foods you love in no time
  • Less risk of infection: it’s able to seal soft tissues in your mouth tightly to keep bacteria out
  • Faster regeneration: there are certain cells in your blood that help bone and soft tissue grow back faster.

You might be putting off dental procedures just because of the worry of the long healing process. With the all-natural PRF treatment, wound healing and regeneration are improved and outcomes are significantly increased.

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